Princess bedroom design for girl.

Things a Girl Wants in Her Dream Bedroom

Undoubtedly every woman wishes to reveal her notorious side through bedroom but this cannot happen every time in reality as she might not trust her dream decoration for bedroom. A woman will pour great energy in itself when she walks into her bed room and bed room is exactly decorated and designed in a way she dreamt off.

There are few things only which a girl wants in her life and one of them is to design her bed room like a palace or the way she love to see things to be placed in her room. Here are some things which a girl wants to be added in her dream bedroom.

1. Windows from wall to ceiling

Every girl wants her bed room to be placed at the top of her house where she can enjoy coffee with balcony view. Bed room with windows from middle of walls till ceiling will give a natural view at any point of time in a whole day. She can enjoy her night sleeping under moon and stars as if she is enjoying scenic beauty as it allows the spectacular view all the time.

Windows from wall to ceiling in bedroom.

2. Nest bed which is cool and unique

Just like a bird, customize your bed in a nest shape. A rounded figured bed with pieces of wood at its surrounding and big shaped pillows in between the bed without using actual maxi sleepers. Nest bed idea is totally unique and cool in its design and layout. It gives you coziness feeling and it is a wonderful addition in your bed room.

Nest bedroom idea for girls.

3. Aquarium just above your eyes

Customized bed designs have plenty of option available in market where you just think about what you like and how you want it be designed. As we all know that fishes have a calming and relaxing effect on the members of house. If you are in love with water animals and love to be near to them all the time then fix up an aquarium just above your bed. Thus, when you will open your eyes in morning you will love to see them as if you are sleeping on a sea bed.

Aquarium just above bed in girls bedroom.

4. Full view of sunrise and sunset

Every girl wants to enjoy the calmness behind the sunset and sunrise point. If her house has a sun facing view then enjoying the full view of sunrise everyday is good option. For that her dream bedroom would just need to have an addition of big sized window. Make sure to cover the whole wall area with window rather than making some portion with bricks. Thus, enjoy the beauty of nature every morning.

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Full view of sunrise and sunset from bedroom.

5. House shelter as a bookshelf

Most of the girls that are fond of reading novels and article in newspaper always wish to have a small library in her own bed room. This would be the best thing that she would have ever dreamt off. For that architect just need to portray the wall like a house shelter and wall of the house can be represented as book shelf where she can put any reading material as per her requirement.

Bookshelf for girl dream bedroom decor.

6. Feel like a princess

Every accessory of bedroom in a pink color and bed just like a fairy godmother’s bed would make a girl feel like a princess of her house. Wall papers are alike the outdoor designing of palace and bed to be designed by architect in a way that spread magic all around.

Princess bedroom design for girl.

What’s your dream about your bedroom decor? How you will decorate it?

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  1. This is awesome! If you can give a big mansion girls’ dream bedroom for 11-year-olds, that would be great. My daughter wants to upload pics of her dream bedroom so I can put it all together! It would be awesome if you did that… Thx!

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