Tips for Choosing a Perfect Lampshade

10 Tips for Choosing a Perfect Lampshade

Lampshades play an important role in adding beauty to your room. While they illuminate light to act as a substitute to natural sunlight, a right lampshade can transform a dull place to a stunning area.

Tips for Choosing a Perfect Lampshade

Few tips to choose a perfect lampshade are-

1 Shape: Shape of the base lamp is an important requisite while selecting a lampshade. Round base goes well with a round shade, square or angular base looks good with a square shade.

2. Colors: Go for bold and strong colors in case you want lampshade to be focus point of your room. Neutral colors are an option in case you want to keep it simple and subtle.

Beautiful lamp shade

3. Height: A perfect lampshade should be two-third the height of the base. Also make sure that it is not short enough to expose the wired area or something similar as it will give a dull look.

4. Fitting of Lampshade: Make sure your lampshade goes well with the interiors of your room. Small bed side table should have a small shade while your rocking chair by the window can have a lampshade that can be a center of attraction in the room.

5. Width: Lampshade should be an extra inch wide from both sides as compared to the width of the base. Do not get an extra wide shade, which knocks down every time you pass by. Along with the width, location is also important. Place your lamp at a place that it does not act as a hurdle in your walking space.

Multi color lampshade for home decor

6. Ambience: It is always a great option to have lampshades as they diffuse the maximum light. They create a perfect ambience that is relaxing enough. Light color lampshades diffuse the maximum light hence will be suitable if you use one in case of studying or work. You can opt for neutral shades in case you do not need much illumination of light.

7. Unconventional Rooms: Unlike the common notion about usage of lampshades; bathrooms, laundry room or even basement can have a lampshade adding to ambience of the location. Hanging lampshades can be opted for over a free standing bathtub or even at the counter top area of laundry room serving as night bulb.

Lampshade for bathroom

8. Statement or Blend: You need to choose whether you wish to have a lampshade that defines the style statement of your room, or you just want it to blend with the surrounding décor. In case you want to make it a statement, resort to complimentary colors, fabrics, textiles, wallpapers, rugs and pillows.

9. Safety: After you have picked the lampshade you like, guarantee it fits at a safe distance limit from the light bulb as it emits heat. The size harp can modify the lampshades, which is the metal arms that reach out from the seat of the light to hold the lampshade.

Another approach to alter the distance is to utilize an assortment of measured fitters that sit over the bulb to guarantee the lampshade sits enough for wellbeing and to keep your lampshade from smoldering.

10. Customize: In today’s world where everyone is techno-savvy, and social life has an important place; ‘Do-it-yourself’ ideas are most sought after. If you think that you are tricky and creative, why not make or decorate your own shade with strip, stitched rosettes, fabric, or different enhancements for an extraordinary look that might be found in your home!

For imaginative thoughts you may consider to take ideas from websites like Pinterest and other specialty locales for basic redid lampshades you will love to “take the look” from.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful tips! I was thinking that the lampshades in our home are 5 generations too old so I decided that it’s time for a refresh. I agree that the right height of a lampshade must be critically considered when choosing one that’s perfect for your room. Too high, and it would look crowded; too low, and it would just look bland. By the way, I love the fun, multicolored ceiling lamps! They’d be perfect for our toddler’s room. Cheers!

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