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Purple Bedroom Decor, Designs, Ideas, Photos

Purple is the colour of royalty. Since ancient times purple denotes luxury and opulence. It is the go to colour if you want to create a decadent and sophisticated room that is the height of luxury. Today, it is easy to bring regality into your bedroom by simply adding purple in your colour scheme.

“From pleasant purple and mauve pastels to a deep eggplant purple, you can mix and match the various tones and hues of purple to bring an opulent touch to your bedroom’, opines Pooja Bagri of Bagri Interiors.

Latest purple bedroom design.

Latest purple bedroom design

Shades of purple in the bedroom

The easiest option to add purple to your bedroom is to take a neutral and light space and add purple through dramatic purple furnishings like bed headboards, linen, drapes, carpets and rugs.

Lovely purple bedroom design ideas

Lovely purple bedroom design ideas

To add purple in a small space it is advisable to use lighter shades like mauve or lavender or lilac on the walls. White or blue-gray furniture looks perfect with purple walls. The look can be emphasized by adding a deep purple trim on the windows or furniture.

Classical purple bedroom design

Classical purple bedroom design

Strong accents like a table lamp or vase can be used like a focal point to draw the eye. This will bring a cozy look but not overpower the small space. In fact these shades of light purple bring a restful quality to the room like blue but with a certain warmth. You also can mix various tones of the colour to bring together a layered look.

Beautiful purple bedroom interior decor

Beautiful purple bedroom interior decor

A soft lavender is also the perfect choice for the nursery, as it is a soothing shade and promotes calm and intelligence. Children love the color purple. There have been studies which conclude that the colour purple promotes brain activity, which is beneficial for study time.

Purple bedroom decorating ideas.

Purple bedroom decorating ideas

Purple can be paired with silver to create a princess look in a girls’ bedroom, while plum and brown works beautifully in a boys’ bedroom.

Moods created by purple in your bedroom

If you are looking for sophistication and elegance in your bedroom try using dark shades which are paired with dark wood furniture or even black furniture. Adding art decor art facts and prints can add to the effect. Accents of gold add a degree of luxury feel.

Elegant bedroom design in purple color theme

Elegant bedroom design in purple color theme

For a designer cutting edge colour scape try using dark purple and red together. Both are dramatic and bold colours and come together as an explosion on your senses. To add subtlety use natural wood furniture and add soft green accents like a potted plant. This color scheme gives a very contemporary look to your bedroom.

Purple bedroom design ideas by homedecorbuzz

Dashing purple color bedroom design

Shades that complement purple

Purple makes a smart accent color. As an accent it adds depth and pop to the colour scheme of the room. A white room can pair very nicely with purple bedspread, cushions on the seating arrangement and a vividly patterned purple rug. Purple touches in a white, blue or grey room can add a touch of warmth to an otherwise cool feel.

Attractive purple walls, curtain in bedroom

Attractive purple walls, curtain in bedroom

Green, cream and light shades of pink work well as base colors with combination of purple. Add as much purple as you are comfortable with and become royalty!

What are your thoughts on designing a purple color bedroom? share your views in the comment area.

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  1. Great combination. You can also use purple coloured upvc windows to match it with.

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