Tips to Paint Kitchen Cabinets.

Best Tips to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

If you are tired of looking at your gloomy cabinets then painting kitchen cabinets would be a quick and economical option. Not only will it help to add on colours to the kitchen cabinets but will also bring a new life to your kitchen. Cabinets made of wood, wood-laminate and metal can easily be painted without facing any difficulty. On the contrary, special paints and methodology is required for the plastic laminate cabinet as they resist over painting.

Tips to Paint Kitchen Cabinets.
Tips to Paint Kitchen Cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets Tips to Paint

Remove the hardware and cabinet doors

Clean the surface properly after removing the hardware, cabinet doors, drawers and pulls, knobs and other hardware from these parts. Always use soft cloth for cleaning purpose. For cleaning purpose one can also use tri-sodium phosphate solution. Then rinse away all the chemicals with the help of wet and damp cloth but do not soak the cabinets directly in water.

Make sure to dry them completely. Give them a good scrub to remove all dirt, old oils and waxes. Afterwards place them in plastic bags and put them at a place where you can easily locate.

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Sand the painting surface

Gently and lightly sand the painting surface specifically doors from all sides and faces. If there is any dent in the cabinet use wood filler to fill them. If you want to just facelift for the cabinet then there is no requirement of sand.

One can simply paint the insides of the cabinets and sand only the front surface and visible edges of the face frames. Pay attention on specifically worn areas and make sure to sand over the shiny areas to deglaze any previous finish. After this, use a clean and soft cloth to remove all dust of sanding.

Apply Primer

Priming is one of the crucial parts as the even coat of primer sealer to all surfaces will allow them to a well bonded finish coat. For long lasting results on cabinet one should use oil primer and paint rather than all in one primer and paint products. Advantages of this primer are to reduce the need to sand and deglaze all old finishes. In addition to it, it provides a good base for semi gloss and water based paint. After applying to all surfaces allow it to dry.

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Paint carefully

Firstly, paint inside edges and opening of the face frames then the outer cabinet sides. Afterwards paint the face frame fronts of the cabinet and finish the painting process by at least two coating of the paints of your own choice. This will help to find out less critical areas and enables you to find the correct drips on the visible parts of the cabinet.

Next paint the cabinet doors and drawers and let the paint dry completely. Most importantly, apply thin and very light coat and do not over work the brush. There might be a possibility of third coat as cabinets absorb lots of heat while cooking in kitchen and wood surface need the protection too from all these kinds of day to day activities taken place in kitchen.

Re-arrange all stuffs

After applying everything, let the paint dried first thoroughly so that not even a single corner or part left out for this. Assemble all parts of the cabinet and put your cabinet back together. Then, put all the hardware and drawers back to its original position and make sure you keep everything in a much organized way and remember to position your cabinet door.

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