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Funny Halloween Decorating Ideas 2018

Halloween is one occasion when adults too become child-like. They go all out to decorate their homes with spooky stuff in the attempt to create the perfect Halloween ambience. Are you one of those who leaves no expense spared to scare and spook your friends and neighbors?

Well, we have a host of  funny decor ideas which will make your yard and home the cynosure of all eyes. Some of them are simple ideas easily made at home by your kids, others need a little expense and time.

Funny Halloween Home Decor Ideas

1. Black jack-o-lanterns in your yard

Stacked pumpkin lanterns add a funny but cute element to your yard or porch. Paint the pumpkins black. Stack from large to small to look like a black cat, Cut out a funny cat face on the smaller lantern placed on top.

black jack-o-lanterns as cat for halloween day decor

Put in a red tea light in the upper pumpkin’s cavity to make it glow eerily. It is a fun décor but still remains slightly spooky. Arrange them in groups of two or three to make an impact.

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2. Eyeballs stuck in a tree

Eyeballs are a funny sight when stuck on a tree! Paint large eyeballs on stiff paper, with the blacks pointing comically upwards. Hang them up in the trees in your yard to generate a few laughs. You can spray them with glow paint to make them glow spookily in the dark. The incongruous sight of eyeballs in a tree is cutely spooky, making it the perfect Halloween decor.

haunted eyeballs for home decor on halloween day

3. Chicken wire spooks

Shape chicken wire into headless ghoul shapes or into other shapes of your choice. Spray with silver glow in the dark paint and place strategically in your yard or in a dark hallway for maximum effect. You can twist the chicken wire into funny ghost shapes to garner a few guffaws. These glow in the dark figures can be continued till Christmas  if the designs you choose are not overtly spooky but have a funny twist.

halloween chicken wire spooks

4. Door decor with a humorous twist

Your front door sets the mood for your entire house. Funny faces on your door can like a large grinning toothy mouth on a white toilet papered door with a large pair of eyes over the door can elicit a laugh. A wreath of black and white with a witch leg caricature hung on it can be a witty addition to the door. The black cat pumpkin lantern family can be placed near the door to make a fun welcoming party.

door decor for halloween day

5. Ghost shapes in fun ways

A perennial favorite in Halloween decor is ghost shapes. You can create a string of small ghost shapes with a lighted head and flowy bodies made out of shredded cheesecloth. Funny faces can be painted on them with marker pens.. Cheesecloth ghost shapes can have wire hangers as a base so that they can be strung together as a circle holding hands. In miniature size they can make amusing side table decor.

funny ghosts shape for halloween day

The list is endless. Let your imagination run wild and make your gueste laugh out loud even as they are gently spooked!

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