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White is the color of peace. It induces the feeling of eternal serenity. There are a number of ways to give your kitchen that lovely white look which can never go unnoticed. White is style, white is sexy, white is chic so remodel your kitchen now to make it look elegant.

Beautiful white and black kitchen decor
Beautiful white kitchen design

Kitchen Design Ideas in White Color

1. White Countertops

Beef up the appearance of your kitchen by using white granite for the countertops. Granite is not high maintenance and surely offers a classic look. You can opt for white glass it is not only durable but also hygienic but the cost will be slightly on the higher side but it is worth it.

2. Kitchen sinks can be done in white

White kitchen sinks add the farmhouse kind of look to your kitchen. Opt for fireclay in case you make up your mind to stick with white sink because it is durable and resistant to scratches and stains also cleaning up the fireclay sinks is a pretty easy task. If you want to go for white kitchen sink then do not forget to make your modular kitchen all white, although you can add a little bit of variety to the kitchen floor by opting for lime green tiles.

3. All-white kitchen appliances

It is indeed a pretty out-of-the-box thought to opt for all white kitchen appliances, but believe it or not it is worth a try. Glass polished enamel finish that helps in reflecting light and makes the kitchen a brighter place which will be soothing for eyes and will definitely uplift your mood. Also, some kitchen experts stated that stainless steel is becoming old- fashioned.

4. White kitchen islands

Yes, it is easy to imagine even lovely to look at. It may be regarded as a part of kitchen countertop placed in the middle of the kitchen to fill up the empty space it makes the kitchen look out of this world. A kitchen island is very helpful as you can keep a lot of extra stuff on it.

5. White Open shelves (cabinets)

Use open cabinets as storage spaces. Wall mounted white open shelving cabinets look neat and add the timeless element to your kitchen. Go for it if your kitchen is small, this is the perfect way of utilizing maximum space of the kitchen and you don’t have to worry about the cost for this is very cost-effective and spiffy at the same time.

6. A rustic Victorian white kitchen

As they say Old is Gold, the Victorian white kitchen will take you back in time. To make your kitchen more attractive you can use bricks on the walls (above and just below the white cabinets), an unfinished look with a little hint of tradition is just mind-boggling. The natural terracotta color of the bricks will add a balance and will make the kitchen look vibrant yet the feeling of calmness will not be lost.

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