Elegant yellow and brown kitchen interior designs.

Beautiful Yellow and Brown Kitchen Interior Designs

Yellow is the colour that signifies creativity and growth.  The vibrant colour is suitably moderated by the near neutral brown shade. Yellow is a vivid color that has been found to stimulate thought, imagination and creativity.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is the place where the home maker creates nurturing meals for the family. Good food needs the ambience and warmth ushered in by these colours.

Yellow-brown kitchen decorating ideas.
Yellow-brown kitchen decorating ideas

Brown signifies stability and seriousness and is a perfect foil to yellow. It also is a colour which denotes simplicity and comfort. A colour that is practical but with sensual overtones, brown is the colour that is most suitable to the kitchen decor. A brown and yellow kitchen is the hub of consistent imaginative and nourishing meals.

Shades of yellow and brown that meld together

Yellow is a versatile colour that pairs very well with the more conservative brown. Brown is a complementary shade as it has a large variety of shades ranging from rich amber to a pale cream. The more striking shades include chartreuse, chrome, gold, lemon and many more. Brown has shades of beige to a dark chocolate brown.

Beautiful brown-yellow kitchen decor.
Beautiful brown-yellow kitchen decor.

The warmer shades of yellow like cream, butter and lemon pair very well with the richer and darker browns.  They make for a more traditional look and have a warm feel. You can add pops of vivid colours like chartreuse, citrus or even gold to liven up the decor.

The deeper shades of yellow like amber and apricot look sensational with beige and fawn hues of brown. To keep this combination from looking sombre, add some splashes of red or green or even black as accents to keep it interesting.

Top yellow-brown kitchen design photos.
Top yellow-brown kitchen design photos

Designer speak

Jordan Dane of Jazz Interiors says that, “brown is a mix of red, yellow and black. This composite colour looks good with yellow, as yellow is already contained in the composite. Paint the walls a pale butter yellow and stain the cabinets and floors a dark mahogany brown. Use pale brownish yellow granite for the counter top and finish with a complementary bright shade of the same yellow as the backsplash. Accents of red as cookware or a window treatment can add a focal point of interest.

Best yellow-brown kitchen interior design.
Best yellow-brown kitchen interior design

Ashley Brown of Pretty Homes has a different view. “Paint the walls beige and add bright lemon or buttercup yellow cabinets. A vinyl floor in patterns of beige, white and yellow looks zingy. Backsplash in the same yellow shade with accents of black in the wall hangings or foot mat and cookware can look gorgeous.”

Elegant yellow and brown kitchen interior designs.
Elegant yellow and brown kitchen interior designs

Sandra Lenon , a free-lance interior designer likes to paint her walls a deep amber. She says,” amber walls with a dark wood stained cabinet and floors look beautiful. Add focal points of beige or cream to add a delicious contrast. The colours meld beautifully and create a really warm and cosy ambience.

Lovely yellow-brown kitchen pictures.
Lovely yellow-brown kitchen pictures

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The colour scape of a room defines its feel. The yellow and brown kitchen can be traditional and warm or edgy and contemporary. Choose your colours and start decorating. You cant go wrong with this combo!

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