Stylish wall art for green living room interior design by homedecorbuzz

Green Living Room Designs

When it comes to the colour green, a common misconception is that there’s a lack of variety in the shade range. In reality, green is one of the most versatile shades on the pallet, and the various hues can actively beautify your living room.

From calm to quirky, you can get the shades to match your personality. Here are some ways in which you can use green to create an absolutely breath-taking interior for your living room space.

Stylish wall art for green living room interior design by homedecorbuzz
Stylish green living room interior design

Green Living Rooms Design Ideas

1. Seafoam green backgrounds

Seafoam green was actually a common wall colour the 1900s. To recreate a vintage living room area, paint the walls a beautiful seafoam green, and then stack a vintage bookshelf or chest of drawers against it. You can also create a contrasting colour palette by combining the darker green shade with light and vibrant shades like pink and yellow.

2. Add a deep green sofa

For furniture, you can go for a plush, deep green couch to grace your living room. Deep green is known to be a relaxing colour, and will definitely encourage you to kick your feet back and relax. For a snug and cosy setting, paint the walls in dark colours too- a deep blue would go great with the sofa. This would create the illusion of a smaller space, creating a smaller, cosier living room area. The sofa is a great place to start if you want to add some green to your living room area without redecorating a lot of it.

3. Patterns and motifs to break the monotony

Another good way to redecorate your living room space with green would be to add green patterned wallpaper, instead of painting it all together. But be careful about your choice of pattern, as an out-of-fashion one will bring down the entire look of the room in a moment’s time. Stick to classic patterns in light pastel shades, like lime or olive, for a comfortable, homely look. You can also choose patterned furniture to add to the living room space.

4. Use forest green for a cooler outcome

Forest green can dial down the brightness of vibrant colours in a room, and when mixed with equally cool shades like light grey and dark blue, it can create a room that you want to relax in. This is a typically good pallet of colours for your bedroom as well. You can accentuate the forest green shade with light shades of yellow-using lemon yellow or yellow ochre as a highlight in the high points of the room.

5. Use plants to add splashes of green

This is a fun way to redecorate your living room space- and what’s best is that you can do it right now! Instead of painting and colouring your room altogether, why not add potted plants to add some green to the mix? However, this combination works best if your walls are of a lighter colour like beige or white. Add some wall shelves to hold small potted plants for all the colour without the compromise.


Green can liven up your living room in a moment’s time, and these ideas will help you redecorate your space with this awesome hue!

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  1. Great article and inspiring home décor!
    I really love how these designs really give importance to vases: here in Murano we have a long tradition of glass vases, so whenever I see these object valued in home décor I feel very happy.

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