Table, sofa for Patio

Interesting DIY Projects To Spruce Up Your Patio

“People usually are the happiest at home.” – William Shakespeare

No matter where we stay, what we do, we always long for our sweet home. The comfort and warmth of home are beyond compare. The balcony, the garden, the courtyard where we enjoy so many cups of hot coffee, where we grew up playing hide and seek, all the memories created and are still being created are precious. A home that provides shelter to not only our physical being but also to our thoughts, our emotions, our fear.

The garden and the courtyard where our self-confidence and maturity bloomed, deserves a makeover. It is time to reward the place on which we depend … when we are tired, scared, in pensive mood; that shelters our day-dreaming and allows us to enjoy our peace of mind… Our home makes us who we are by providing space to shape our ideas.

Table, sofa for Patio
Table, sofa for Patio

In order to make our safe haven a bit more like paradise, we can do a few things to perk up the patio, to make it look more attractive.

1. Get a hammock

Spend a little more time outdoors… How? Well, folding glass walls can make it possible. The outdoors can be enjoyed round the year by just sitting in the living room, while the patio, decorated with proper furniture, cushions and maybe a hammock swing, can be made a pleasant place to enjoy the cool evening breeze and the fresh air.

2. Set up a breakfast table in one corner

A secluded corner in the Patio for having breakfast can be made colorful and jocund. Give it a cottage-like look for that use wooden furniture (chairs and table), place a vase with beautiful flowers in the centre of the table to enhance the vibrant look.

3. Place carpets for Yoga

The colorful carpets and yoga mats can make your weekend yoga session pretty happening… health and amazing looking patio what more can you want? You can also put some cushions on the carpets to give it a picnic spot kind of look.

4. Keep a wooden bench

A peaceful corner of your own to escape from reality. Read a book or write even… to invoke that hidden writer or poet in you. This wooden bench would be perfect for times when you are ruminative.

5. Make your patio spring ready

For this, the vintage lanterns can be used. Place some lovely flowers and these lanterns (light them up) at the centre of the table in your patio also light up the edge of your patio with torches, you can fill them with Lavender oil to make the ambience aromatic. Citronella oil can also be used to keep mosquitoes away.

6. Place vintage furniture

A family dinner in the patio isn’t a bad idea at all. You can use vintage furniture to make your guests feel like they have been transported to the Victorian era. Oiling the furniture with Teak oil will keep them in good condition.

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