Beach style living room photo by homedecorbuzz

Beach Style Living Room Design Ideas

If you cannot afford a beach vacation this year, then no need to worry. Because you may not be able to visit the beach but can always bring the beach to your home!

Without setting your foot outside your home, you can now enjoy the perfect coastal ambiance right in the heart of your house, the living room!

Beach style living room photo by homedecorbuzz
Beach style living room

Yes, here are some cool and innovative living room decor ideas and boat wall arts inspired by the beach.

Create the perfect beach house

If you find your solace amidst pop colored white beach houses, then this tip is for you. To make way to the perfect coastal vibe, bring in wicker furniture into your living room. Make sure the furniture exhibits a curved design to elevate the perfect scenario for a tropical living room. The furniture should sport white and wicker color to pep up the ambiance.

Allow the air to flow in freely

In order to create the living room inspired from the beach, you can make the most of the sandy palette with tidbits of blue. Begin with this by limiting the use of furniture and accessories in your living room, to make the room airier.  If you can create an illusionary beach atmosphere right in your living room, then try to bring in the exact elements present in the beach!

The trick is to use the right combo of colors

You might not realize but creating the perfect beach in your living room is easy-peasy if you just choose the right tints from the palette. Think about a day on the beach and then go on choosing colors like soft blues paired with sand and stone colored fabrics accentuating the beauty of the room.

Minimalism is the key to your coastal living room

Ever noticed the beach sporting a clutter of elements? No right? You will have to create a seamless connection between the indoors and the outdoors and for this, you will have to consider the color white for the wall tones of your living room.

Now decorate the room with slim and streamlined furniture and accessories. You will have to create a sense of openness by installing large windows and minimalistic interior. Now to make the white pop out, you can add in hints of soft blue in and around your living room.

Be quirky if you feel like it

So do you think beaches are all about all shades of blue? No, beaches also sport amazing tones of green and you can also incorporate it in your living room! The quick tip is don’t overdo the green part and thus keep the sandy off-white backdrop intact.

Your prime goal should be to give your living room an easy-breezy style by using subtle elements of green, shell details, coastal artwork, etc.

So these were some of the top picks to set up your ultimate beach style living room. But don’t forget to add in your personal touches, because after all, your home is a reflection of your personality.

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