Kitchen design in beach style

How To Renovate Kitchen

Most of us, by the time we realize that we need to put extra efforts to make the kitchen more manageable, it is already over-stuffed and nearly impossible to change the design.

Kitchen renovations, in this case, appear like a knight in the dark and you know you have finally got it! You can now create your own masterpiece with a little amount of your time and money.

Kitchen design in beach style
Kitchen design in beach style

Here are a few tips on how you can renovate your kitchen.

1. Remove the storage issues

Well, storage issues are a great deal to handle. If you are renovating your kitchen, make sure you have extra space for the kitchen appliances to fit in. Kitchen appliances do look good but if they overlap, they look like a mess. Ask your carpenter to create extra cabinets for the utensils, or plates and spoons.

2. Paint it bright

Painting the walls of your house always would deliver a good vibe, especially when it is your favorite color which matches with the sofa and dining set! You can not only color the walls of your kitchen but color the cabins and if your kitchen has an island, then you can color that with contrasting paints too. Make sure you choose bright colors like, yellow, light brown because a kitchen should never look dull!

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3. Lights! More Lights

Lights are of course, very important in the kitchen. You could change the regular tube lights with small lamps, chandeliers, pendants or vanity lights right above the cabinets, or below. You could also include small spotlights towards the Kitchen Island or dining table if it is attached with your kitchen. Since lights, like paints, put a lot of impact on the surroundings of a room, it is important for you to choose the right type of light which would brighten the kitchen.

4. Extra Treatment

Kitchens look super cool with extra treatments like the faux brick paint, or maybe, brick setting on the kitchen island walls. It makes the kitchen look aesthetically classy. You might also replace it with marble, granite, tiles or wood. So many options for a successful recreation!

You may need some tools for your wall kitchen wall renovation, a strong boy is a must, you can check this out for more information:

5. Add materials

You could add extra appliances to your kitchen. Things like chairs and tables. In the case of Kitchen Island, the most helpful object is the chair, rather, the chairs or seats. It gets easier for you to sit and relax after a long cooking or cleaning session.

The chairs could be painted either in contrast or in resemblance to the wall paint or design. Add extra chairs if you plan to use the island as a table.  You could also change the material of the plates depending on the type of design your wall has. You could try brass weaved, horsehair or metal wired baskets for containing the fruits and vegetables. In case, you want to renovate the sink, you could also try varieties of sink and utensils cleaner.

6. Clipart

Clipart is another incredible tool to use decorating your kitchen while giving it fresh look. You can use different cliparts like donut clipart, baking clipart and more to decorate walls of kitchen and feel the emptiness of walls.

Tip:  If you think you would regret your kitchen makeover, then do consider consulting an interior designer for more pro tips.

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