Luxury living room design photo by homedecorbuzz

Luxury Living Room Design Ideas And Tips

Most often, the living room is the heart of our homes, and they are responsible for holding the whole decor of the place together. This is why it is important to create a living room that lives and breathes luxury.

Luxury living room design photo by homedecorbuzz
Luxury living room design photo by homedecorbuzz

Here are some of the most effective living Room designs that blend luxury with comfort completely effortlessly:

1. Use Black and Gold hues

Black and gold is the ultimate royal combination, and using these colours to create your living room look will give you the luxurious feeling that you’re after. The sombre tones of black coupled with the shimmer and glitter of gold will create an effect that is wondrous, to say the least. You will have visitors asking you for the contact details of your interior decorator after seeing your living room for the first time.

2. Coffered ceilings are the best

Do you want your ceilings to look absolutely gorgeous? Then coffered ceilings should be the choice for you. Coffered ceilings add a sense of depth and elegance to the overall look of your living room- a look that cannot be replicated. If you add lights to your coffered ceilings, then they will look even more exquisite. So, if you’re working on renovating your living room, then coffered ceilings should be on your to-do list for sure.

3. Add some shiny brass lamps for effect

If you don’t want to go for a large scale renovation, then you can start small with a pair of shiny brass lamps. Shiny brass lamps add the kind of posh look and sophistication that you may have always wanted your living room to have. These lamps work the best if you want a quick upgrade without much commitment.

4. Add glass walls for a more open space

If you add glass walls to your living room, it will increase and expand the space of the place. Once you remove a wall from the living room, it will allow the room to have a lot of breathing space. You can also clear clutter and remove excess furniture to keep a minimal approach to the design. You can also paint the room in a lighter colour to make it brighter and airier than before.

5. Throw in a shag rug in the middle of the room

It might be possible that your room does not have a lot of space, but that does not mean that you cannot renovate it. To renovate a living room with limited space, add a shag rug to the middle of the place. Adding a shag rug to the place will help you utilize the floor of the room as well. You can also add a leather sofa to the room and throw in a lot of fluffy pillows on it to create an illusion of maximum comfort.

A luxurious and ritzy living room will create an overall positive impression on the minds of the people who enter your home. With these ideas, you can get creative and design your own!

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