Silly mistakes people do while designing living room.

Silly mistakes people do while designing living room

After the completion of renovation of living room, sometimes you may get a feeling of incompleteness in the living room. You cannot figure it out all the time and land up in a trouble. No doubt living room is the only place of your house which is frequently used by every member and it has to be designed in a way that handles good traffic flow.

Here is the list of some silly mistakes that are commonly done by people at the time of designing the most attention seeking room of the house. In order to avoid any further future issues related to style and decor of living room, on should keep the following in mind.

Silly mistakes people do while designing living room.
Silly mistakes people do while designing living room

1. Purchasing everything that require in a single day

Shopping for living room’s decor is very stressful. To keep away from this stress, most of the people purchase everything they need for decoration in one day. Though it seems like great idea for them but actually it is a bad idea as they will go to purchase everything at a very high cost rather than checking out the prevailing prices in the market. There might be a possibility of matching items as well.

2. Buying furniture before measuring the size of space

It sounds very unusual but the impact of this has huge risk. Most of the time, just for excitement purpose many home owners purchase furniture even without looking at actual space acquired by the furniture in living room.

3. Selection of pale paint

The larger the space of wall you are painting the more tonal depth is required for wall colour. You should always select the colour according to theme and design of your home. If your living room is big enough then selection of slightly dark colour can be done and vice-versa.

4. Buying rug that is too small in size

Before going to purchase rug for your living room, always make sure that which area you want to cover with rug. If you are likely to complete the whole surface then measure the length and breadth of room, otherwise if you want to put in front legs of furniture then at least have an idea about the expected region. While purchasing always select the soft rug if you are fond of sitting on floor most of the time.

5. Decoration of room without any assistance

Many heads is equal to many ideas. Always take suggestions about decoration from each member of family before getting it finalised. If you have tight budget of appointing any decorator for living room then you can check out some ideas that are available on internet and work accordingly after getting confirmation from other member of house as well.

6. Hanging frames of large size

The artwork in living room should always be place above at least eight to ten inches from the piece of furniture whether it is a headboard or sofa. Place the frame in the middle of the wall; make sure not to purchase frames that are too high.

7. Do not make the front area focused

It is not mandatory to add a pop of colour in the front of door to make a strong impression on the visitors or guests. Paint the front door that is similar to the colour of other walls of the living room.

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8. More than one focal point in a living room

Every room of the house has at most one focal point. Maximum utilised room is living area but you should have only one focal point like T.V or fire place rather than having many.

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