Lovely green-red kitchen interior design

How to design a red and green kitchen

The kitchen remains the place where the family congregates for eating, bonding and relaxing, especially if the space adds on a breakfast nook or island or is a open style kitchen.

The kitchen design seamlessly ties together the central theme for the design of the entire home. You must consider the various options available and make an informed choice about the colours you use in the kitchen. One of the classiest colour schemes you can incorporate in your kitchen is red and green.

Lovely green-red kitchen interior design
Lovely green-red kitchen interior design

Kitchen designs in red and green

Red is a strong colour and requires a judicious hand in using it. Green on the other hand is a softer colour and tempers the fiery red. Red and green makes for a festive combination. It symbolizes cheer and good will, happiness and enjoyment.

Think of pale pistachio green walls and red cabinets, paired with a gark green countertop and floors in green marble. Add bright chrome accessories and a shiny new decor scheme is ready.

Beautiful Red-Green kitchen design
Beautiful Red-Green kitchen design

Lime green walls and pale red backsplash and accents couple with white countertops and floor and open glass shelving can make for interesting decor. Add red cookware and appliances and a vivid red and green backsplash to create a stunning look.

Use a pale pinkish red to adorn your walls. Green granite countertop and floor adds depth of colour. Add cream or beige cabinets as a neutral counterfoil to the bright colours and you have a gorgeous kitchen to show off.

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Latest red and green color combination kitchen theme
Latest red and green color combination kitchen theme

Designer speak

Interior decorator at HomeDecorBuzz, Micheal Henry said, “Red and green can easily become overwhelming as a combination, remember to tone the colours down by using white or beige or even black as a neutralizer. Paint walls white with one striking red wall. Add pale green cabinets and a stronger shade of the same green as your countertop. Finish with white floors and red appliances, you cannot go wrong!”

“Red and green patterns on white paint on your walls, red cabinets, green marble counter tops and floors and large appliances like the chimney, oven or fridge in metallic red hues can look eye catching and refreshing. The green with red accent look can be used in the living and dining area if you have an open kitchen. It creates a soothing but interesting colour scheme,” she added.

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Festive decor in red and green

If you are generally a neutral colour palette lover add splashes of red and green temporarily to create festive look for the upcoming Christmas season.

Add decor focal points like a striking red and green accessory. Vases, planters, wall hangings, large prints or paintings and even red and green printed curtains and cushions add cheer and spirit to your kitchen. These can be incorporated for a Christmassy feel.

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The look can be further accentuated by use of red and green wreaths, and other Christmas decorations. Large potted plants are also a good way to add green to your kitchen. So whatever your inclinations are, be bold and use these basic colours to enliven your kitchen. Happy decorating to You!

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