5 Living Room Rug Ideas to Beautify Living Space

5 Living Room Rug Ideas to Beautify Living Space

Rugs have been in use since the inception of homes. Since the time of kings there were rugs all over the palaces and every single place you would find in the palace. As the world developed the rugs also developed and from the royal house they now have been in use in the common man’s shelter.

In today’s world there are different rugs now available for a different room. They are used to cover up floors in the living rooms to the floor of the bedroom. Here are 5 rug ideas that can be used to increase the beauty of your house.

5 Living Room Rug Ideas to Beautify Living Space
5 Living Room Rug Ideas to Beautify Living Space

5 Rug Ideas to make Beautiful Living Room

Area of Rug

The area covered by the rug should be equally in proportion to the total area of the room. For instance if you are using a rug in your living room then it should not be so small that it only covers the area covered by table. Your rug decides the conversation area in that room.

Beautiful area rug for living room decor

It should at least be large enough that the first legs of the furniture are on it. Same is the case in the bedroom the rug should be large enough that it spreads out of the bed at least to a extent that when you wake up and keep your legs down you get a comfy fell under your legs instead of the cold floor.


People often use small rugs because a custom rug that is large enough to cover the room is a real money drainer. So here’s a trick that you could use if you want to save money and make the room look good.

Good looking rug for living room decoration

Try layering two rugs take big rug that is cheap, a simple jute rug would do and upon that place your pattern rug in the middle. This will serve two purposes. First is that it will cover the room properly and make it feel proportionate. Second it would also help your pattern rug protected from getting stained if you have stain prone kids or pets.

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Wall to wall

People use carpets in their room but leave wall to wall corners uncovered. People are afraid to use rugs to cover the boundaries of the room. Instead rugs can be utilized to cover the corners, it actually adds a playfulness to your room and also pulls together your room with the boundaries it needs.

Traditional living room rugs

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Rugs come last

People usually choose their rugs at the end when they have finally decided their throw pillow. This is quite a big mistake because the rug is one of the most important piece of your room and its quite impactful. Rugs should always be the first to be selected and keeping that in mind you should choose the furniture. This actually makes your look complete.

Blue rug for living room

Skipping out rug essentials

Rugs come with some add on essentials that make it look more complete and beautiful. Rugs pads dispels slipping and sliding and adds a comfort level under the foot especially if the rug is a flat weave rug, rugs tape tend to work for the same purpose but it hampers beauty.

What’s your view on rugs selection for living room?

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