Computer theme wall art for living room decor.

5 Wall Sticker ideas for your Living Room

To add a decorative touch in your living room, wall sticker ideas are the best for it. It is the perfect solution to give a unique touch to your living room area. Also, it changes the overall look of the living room and there are numerous options available in market in various sizes, colors and great theme. It transforms your boring living room into a unique designed space who welcomes your family members, friends and guests.

Wall stickers are very easy to use and they are pre-cut adhesive items. You can easily un-wrap the wall sticker and paste in the location where you wish to. There are various ideas available and you can choose it according to the interior designing of living room. In market they are present in varied categories, from Eiffel tower to bird cages, musical notes to flowers and many more.

Thus, it turns the common living room into a creative and innovative room. At the time of selection be particular about the colour that matches your preferences as well.

Living Room Wall Sticker Ideas

1. Wall for graphic designer

Computer lovers who always love to sit next to computers or laptops for maximum time in a whole day. Wall with graphic designing is very popular and an interesting concept these days. A tilted white colored keyboard with the bright or bit dark colour in the background fits perfect for the graphic designer. Thus makes your living room unique.

Computer theme wall art for living room decor.

2. Family wallpaper pattern

Now make yourself free from making photo frames to put on walls where each photo contains various memories. This problem has a solution now with the family wallpaper pattern where you can find different sized photo frames. You can recreate your living room by pasting different photographs of family on the wall paper. Also, you can add your photos or with your friends according to your wish.

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Family wallpaper pattern ideas for living room walls.

3. Illuminated wall paper with OLED technology

No need to light your home now as OLED technology wall paper will solve the light problem. It looks awesome and gives the stunning view to your living room. You can choose the wall paper where background contains fluorescent colored designs like graphic, textile, plant, complete tree or bunch of flowers. Thus, it has night-light and very innovative design feature.

Illuminated wall paper with OLED technology.

4. Wine lovers wall paper

Are you an alcoholic? Among liquors, is wine your favorite liquid? Drink wine bottle every day? Here is the solution for them. Wall paper with wine labels is the best idea for them. Wine labels all around are unique wall paper in itself. Rather than choosing the wine labels from starting point till end is not good idea. It must be covered upper and lower border with wine labels and plain color in the centre that goes according to the style or design of other interiors.

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Wine lovers wall paper for living room design.

5. Stylish pocket wall paper

A messed up living room area? Make your living room a perfect storage of all unnecessary accessories present in the room. Rather than pasting this style of wall paper on all walls you can paste them in a single wall and use it perfectly. This type of wall paper has little bags in them at various point of distance in the wall. Choose the color according to the color of the other walls.

Thus, it is purely decorative and innovative layer of wall paper into storage. Thus it solves the problem of recreation in your room along with the storage problem also.

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